Unf*ck Your Program

How to Learn to Coach Yourself and Find the Perfect Way to Train

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Unless you’ve never lifted weights before or you were born under a rock, you’ve read or at least heard of a lot of programs. My clients have run everything from Arnold’s Blueprint to Westside and back again. And those programs aren’t bad, per se: they’ll probably work, for a lot of people, and maybe for a long time. But they won’t work forever, and they won’t be optimal for anyone.

Unf*ck Your Program isn't a program, in the traditional sense – although it does include four, 8-week training templates to help you get started. The big goal of this course, though, is to teach you to program for yourself. As you'll see in this course, that's the real secret to unlocking your potential as a strength athlete.

What You'll Get

5 extensive modules, each with in-depth videos explaining my approach to programming, nutrition, cardio and recovery

28 weeks of programming and 4 different plans, emphasizing different training variables (like volume, intensity, and frequency)

The exact water-cut protocol I use for myself and my clients

Suggestions for implementing RPE-based autoregulation into the plans using my RI Protocols

A hell of a lot stronger

Not sure if my style is right for you? No problem – try out my free intermediate program first!

Want to hear from someone who's actually tried the program? Read on.

The Unf*cked Philosophy


"Dude. I just finished my first UYP cycle. Testing maxes this week.

Little background about me: I got pretty strong pretty fast. My best meet I went 633/384/616 @ SHW. That was around 2013. Then I went to grad school, had two kids, got a job, bought a house... Life got in the way. It's been stable for about two years, and I still trained but I was in a rut. I ran Cube, 5/3/1, and a handful of other programs I had done well on, and eventually got back to 585/350/565, but I'd been stuck there for about 9 months until, 13 weeks ago, I decided to give UYP a try.

It was awesome. Those first few weeks of deadlifts sucked, but after that I started feeling real strong.

I tested bench and deadlift: 390 and 635. Bench was about a 9.5 RPE (that 6" off the chest grind)! On deadlift I had maybe another 15-20 pounds left in me.

I knew I had gotten stronger, but I really didn't expect those weights to go so easily. Then I tested squat. 645 flew out of the hole.

What is this program?!"

– D.

Your Instructor


Ben is a professional powerlifter, US Open champion and all-time world record holder, and doctor of physical culture. Follow him on social media:

@phdeadlift on Instagram
Ben Pollack on YouTube

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