The Problem With Programming

First, thanks for joining the Unfuck Your Program program! Honestly, if you care enough about your programming to improve it, you’re already ahead of 99% of people out there, and that’s huge. You’re also probably pretty motivated to get really fucking strong, which is even more important. I’ll be straight with you: this isn’t going to be easy. If you don’t have that motivation, you might learn a little – you’ll probably learn a lot – but you probably won’t see the results you’re hoping for.

I can’t help you get motivated, but I can help you to take your programming to the next level. Ready to get unfucked? Then start by using the links on this page.

The Problem with Programming

Unless you’ve never lifted weights before or you were born under a rock, you’ve read or at least heard of a lot of programs. My clients have run everything from Arnold’s Blueprint to Westside and back again. And those programs aren’t bad, per se: they’ll probably work, for a lot of people, and maybe for a long time. But they won’t work forever, and they won’t be optimal for anyone.

That’s because there’s an inherent dilemma in programming for a wide audience. To reach a lot of people, you have to make a lot of generalizations. But the best programs are never generalized. On the contrary, they’re highly individualized. Every body is very different, in structure, experience, and potential; and so every person needs a different plan, to fit what they enjoy and what they will benefit from. That’s exactly why so many people feel the need to tweak and change popular programs, and why personal training is such a huge industry.

Even personal training and coaching isn’t a perfect solution. The best coaches are the best because they have intimate knowledge of their subject areas and have loads of experience from working with many clients. As a result, their services are in extremely high demand, and they’re either prohibitively expensive or completely unavailable. Even if you can get ahold of a great coach, they might be able to plan an incredible training cycle and perfect your technique, but it’s highly unlikely they have the time to help you learn to train yourself.

That’s where we come in.

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