Unf*ck Your Offseason

An advanced program for getting stronger, mentally and physically.​

The beauty of Unf*ck Your Program is simple: it allows you to develop a training routine that works for you. Now, for many people – myself included – that might be a simple, straightforward linear periodization method. But others benefit from a few more bells and whistles. It doesn't matter whether that's because they respond better to a complicated program in a physiological or mental sense. All that matters is progress (and, of course, having fun).

The thing is, it can be really difficult to design a complicated program with many moving parts. So I've gone ahead and done the dirty work for you, and am sharing it now as a stand-alone offseason that can be used regardless of whether or not you use the Unf*ck Your Program methodology. Let me be very clear, though: I strongly suggest that you do use UYP alongside this plan so that you know how to make changes to it if necessary. In fact, I would guess that for most lifters, some changes will be necessary, so be prepared for that.

So that said, let's check out the highlights:

  • It's a 6-week program, and you'll be training 5 days per week, with a mix of full-body and split workouts.
  • Frequency is the name of the game. You'll be squatting and deadlifting twice a week (each), and benching three times per week.
  • It's built around the competition lifts (bench press, squat, and deadlift) and close variations thereof.
  • There's lots of room for customization here, especially when it comes to assistance exercises, and it can easily be used with nothing more than a well-equipped home gym.
  • It's geared at powerlifting – not bodybuilding – and it's best suited for advanced lifters, or intermediates who are right on the cusp of moving to the next level.
  • I really suggest you follow the program exactly as written and not make any changes until you've run through the whole thing at least once.

Again, I want to be really clear: this is one example of a program that you could design yourself using the full Unf*ck Your Program course. It's not meant to be the "perfect" offseason program — that doesn't exist! But I think this program will work for many lifters for a cycle, or two, or even three, and more importantly, I hope it demonstrates just how powerful UYP can be when applied thoughtfully and patiently.

Got questions? Feel free to contact me here and I'd be happy to help you out!

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Ben is a professional powerlifter, US Open champion and all-time world record holder, and doctor of physical culture. Follow him on social media:

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