Is This Program For You?

Let me be up front: this isn't a program for beginners. You'll be training 5 days per week using high frequencies on the most demanding lifts (the bench press, squat, and deadlift). If you don't have a very good understanding of your ability to recover between sessions, and how to autoregulate your day-to-day training stress, you'll probably struggle with this one.

For those reasons, I can't give you a recommendation for just how strong you need to be before starting on this one, but I suggest that you be able to squat at least twice your bodyweight, bench press 1.5 times bodyweight, and deadlift 2.5 times bodyweight. In addition, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I made progress training 5 days per week in the past using the powerlifts? Personally, I can't train the big lifts more than 4 days per week or I begin to regress. Keep in mind, powerlifting is much different than bodybuilding in this regard! That said, you can still use this program if you can't train 5 days per week. You'll just have to split the workouts up over a non-weekly training schedule (for example, 2 on/1 off).
  • Do I enjoy high-frequency training? Oftentimes, those who are suffering from nagging injuries, recover a bit more slowly, or prefer to train with high intensities don't do well with higher frequency.
  • How much stress do I have outside the gym right now? Remember, stress is stress. If you're running yourself ragged outside the gym, you're probably better off not adding even more to your workload with a very demanding training routine.

On that note, if you don't think you're quite ready yet, just check out the full Unfuck Your Program course. It covers some beginner-level topics, but it will also help you progress to and through the advanced level. And, since it includes this course, you'll have it for when you are ready!