There's more than one way to lift weights.

If you’re here, you’ve probably struggled at least a little bit finding a program that really suits you. None of them really cover all the bases -- even Unf*ck Your Program is focused on strength, not size. But compromises suck. Here’s the good news: you can work towards getting stronger, gaining muscle, and losing fat, all at the same time.

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Most programs only focus on one thing at a time because it’s very difficult to do otherwise. But it’s not impossible, either. The secret is all in how you use the right training strategies and eat the right things at the right times. Obviously, it takes careful planning and sometimes, it requires sacrifices, like pushing yourself through a hard training session when you’re exhausted, and saving the pizza for a cheat meal.

At its heart, Think Big combines a carefully-designed powerlifting program with the volume work necessary to build muscle. That doesn’t mean throwing in a few sets of triceps extensions after your heavy work -- it means using highly-specialized bodybuilding principles that complement, not contradict, your strength work. Let me be clear, though: Think Big is not going to teach you to program for yourself the same way that Unf*ck Your Program will. It's meant as a shortcut: a direct, easily implemented powerbuilding method.

As complicated as programming can be, planning a diet can be even more challenging. It often seems like you have to shovel down thousands of calories a day just to gain weight, and then, when you do, you add just as much fat as muscle. That shit gets old, fast. And dieting on a strength program? That’s a recipe for disaster. Think Big will help you to structure a diet that supports your training, and that synergy makes both work better.

Get it Now: $20 SALE for PeakHD Members

Of course, you should always want to understand why a program is designed the way it is, and for that, there's the second Unf*ck Your Program series available for free on YouTube. Check it out below.

The Madness Behind the Method