Powerbuilding 3: 10 Weeks of Pain and PRs

Strength and size for intermediate and advanced lifters

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You asked for it — now it's here.

The 12-Week Powerbuilding Program is by far the most popular course here at PeakHD.net, and for good reason: everybody wanna be a bodybuilder. But nowadays, that isn't enough! The Gods of the Iron Game — guys like Ronnie Coleman, Thor Bjornsson, Dan Green — they're all superhumanly big and strong. It doesn't matter whether you're primarily training for bodybuilding, strongman, or powerlifting. True greatness in the modern era means performing with the best while also looking your best. That's what this program will help you to accomplish.

I've taken your criticisms of the original powerbuilding program to heart here. There's more of a focus on strength, so this program can be used in either the offseason or in meet prep. There's also more flexibility in the number of training days per week, the movements to be performed, and the order in which you perform them.

Here's what you get:

  • 10 weeks of detailed programming, including deloading and 1RM testing protocols
  • A fully customizable Excel spreadsheet to track your training
  • Templates for optional extra training days
  • Movement substitution suggestions for those with special limitations
  • A whole lot of strength and muscle

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