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You Deserve More Than An Algorithm

Recently, I've noticed a trend towards "custom" training programs that are designed by a computer. Whether it's AI coaching or an app with lots of options, the truth is that no algorithm can design a plan that truly fits your needs. I get really frustrated when I read deceptive marketing claims to the contrary on social media, so I've designed this completely free Excel spreadsheet to show you the right way to use "smart" programming.

It's simple: you'll enter your best lifts, choose your favorite exercises, and the spreadsheet will auto-populate your first week's training. Then, you'll enter your actual lifts in the gym, and the next week of the plan will adjust to reflect your most recent performance. I've highlighted the changes that are made from week to week, so that you can understand how the spreadsheet works and eventually learn to make more skillful decisions without the help of an algorithm.

If you want to take a shortcut, I'm also offering my Unf*ck Your Program course at a huge discount. Just click here and use the code SINGULARITY at checkout to get a leg up over the machine-learning takeover.

Guys, stop being lazy and stop buying into the snazzy marketing that's all over Instagram. Take responsibility for your own training and your own results. Do it right.

– Ben

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