12 Week Darkside Powerbuilding

A Brutal Approach to Size and Strength

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The concept of the Darkside comes from elitefts, where the term was in part rooted in unconventional approaches to strength training taken by many associated with the company during the formative years of the business. elitefts strength coaches and athletes were constantly looking for new ways to get stronger, often via the integration strategies used in other disciplines, including bodybuilding. Some of these strategies were highly unconventional within popular powerlifting training dogma at the time, so the term “Darkside” was an appropriate compliment to the world of elitefts’ experimental strength denizens.

Of course, that’s not the only application of the term “Darkside.” It could refer to the head space one might enter before big lifts. It might reference a particular mentality towards competing. It could be many things, but there’s no doubt about it—serious strength training comes with a Darkside.

How Does THE DARKSIDE Apply To This Program?

Simply put, this is a hybrid approach to building strength and size. It relies on time-tested methods proven in a wide variety of sports, including powerlifting, bodybuilding, Crossfit, and strongman to produce exceptional results astoundingly fast.

You can expect nothing less than brutality from THE DARKSIDE.

Program Details

  • 12 weeks of training provided with editable spreadsheets for tracking and planning
  • 4 training days per week, modifiable for 3-6 days depending on your preferences
  • One-rep max testing guidelines if you choose to max out at the program's completion
  • Included also are discounts on training equipment, apparel, supplements, and more


Course Curriculum

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Ben is a professional powerlifter, US Open champion and all-time world record holder, and doctor of physical culture. Follow him on social media:

@phdeadlift on Instagram
Ben Pollack on YouTube

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