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Virtual Coaching

Here at phdeadlift.com, the approach to virtual coaching is a bit different than elsewhere in the industry. Almost without exception, we’ve found that our athletes are most successful in the long run when given the tools to plan and program for themselves. Because virtual coaching involves building a long-term online relationship, before accepting new clients, we require a written application.

Accepted clients will then be asked to provide training videos, logs (of both training and meals), and physique photos. These materials are required regardless of whether your primary focus involves strength or physique improvement. We will then review your training application, goals, current methods, and recent training videos and prepare a list of topics for further discussion. You will also have the opportunity to share more about yourself, your background, and your training experience.

The program itself is all-inclusive, meaning that you will receive training, nutrition, and supplementation guidelines. Every week, you must send a check-in that includes your training progress for that week, a food log, and videos of your heaviest working sets so that we can continually assess progress and technique. After each check-in, we will make revisions to your program as necessary.

Obviously, this is a very intensive process, and we ask that only highly dedicated individuals apply. Preference will be given to competitive powerlifters within 16 weeks of a meet, but we work with clients of all backgrounds and goals.

Custom Program Design

Some people don’t need hands-on guidance — they just need a head start. If that describes you, we suggest a custom program. You won’t receive ongoing support like you would from a full-time coach, but don’t be fooled: this process is still highly intensive. You’ll need to complete a detailed application, and provide videos of your lifts for assessment.

Every custom program includes:

  • Initial technique and mobility assessment and corrections
  • Specific recommendations for preworkout preparation, nutrition, and general recovery
  • Customized training based on your current strength, previous training routines, and end goals
  • Guidelines for peaking and 1RM evaluation
  • FREE enrollment in the full Unf*ck Your Program course so that you can learn to adjust the program over time to fit your needs as you progress ($119 value)

There are no cookie-cutter programs here. Each one is tailored to your goals, your current level of experience, and your unique strengths and weaknesses. The program design requires a bit of back-and-forth: you'll receive a draft of the final product during the process, and the opportunity to suggest changes or additions. Ultimately, that results in a program you can be 100% confident in and trust completely.

It also means that there's no instant gratification: please allow 5 to 7 business days for the entire design process.

Your Instructor


Ben is a professional powerlifter, US Open champion and all-time world record holder, and doctor of physical culture. Follow him on social media:

@phdeadlift on Instagram
Ben Pollack on YouTube

Look, I'm enjoying a lot of success in my powerlifting career, but that success comes with a lot of struggle. I understand how difficult it can be to get stronger – no matter whether you're a raw beginner or a seasoned veteran.

I want to help you learn more about your body and more about strength training, so that you can program more effectively for yourself or even for your own clients, if you have any. In return, I ask that you’re honest with yourself, that you remember why you started training in the first place, and that you give back to the strength training community. More than anything else, I believe that giving back is the secret to getting strong(er).

I hope that helps reassure you about how committed I am to each and every program design process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by clicking here.

As always: Think Strong and Train Hard!


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